H-F Skating School


Frequently Asked Questions

What should a skater wear to
Learn to Skate class?

Skaters should dress in thin socks or tights, long pants and layered shirts/jackets. The Ice Arena is a cool 40–50F all year round, so dress warmly. Gloves are a must!


  • Track Suits or Sweats/Fleece
  • Skating Tights/Skirts/Pants
  • Warm Leggings
  • Sweaters/Light Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Thin Socks or Tights


  • Jeans
  • Snowsuits
  • Capri Pants/Shorts
  • Thick Socks/Multiple Socks

How should skates fit?
If a skater does not have his or her own skates for classes, skate rental is available for an additional $1.50 per class.

Save even more with our Skating School Skate Rental Punch cards and receive 10 rentals for $10!

These cards are also accepted at Public Skate Sessions. We encourage new skaters to rent skates initially, and try skating before investing in skates. For skaters that have their own skates or are considering purchasing them, proper equipment is essential to a skater’s success. Expect to invest at least $50 in a good pair of beginning skates.

  • Good ice skates have solid support through the ankle.The skate should be able to withstand pressure applied to the ankle.
  • Skates should fit snugly – not tight – when a skater wears one thin pair of socks or tights with them. A skate that is too big or made out of flimsy leather or vinyl will not provide adequate support for the skater’s ankle.
  • Make sure that skates are properly sharpened BEFORE wearing them on the ice. Most new skates do not come sharpened. The Skate Station Pro Shop, located at the H-F Ice Arena, is a great resource for all of your skating equipment needs.

What should a skater expect at the
first class?

Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before class to allow time to get skates on. If you need additional assistance, ask any of our staff and we will be glad to help. At the start of class, the instructor will group skaters together and cover some topics before taking the ice. Once skaters are on the ice, they will be separated based on age/ability into classes. If a skater is moved, they should come to that class for the rest of the session.

Our classes keep a 1:12 student to instructor ratio. Most of our classes also have student instructors. These volunteers are older skaters in our program and are there to assist the instructor and students as needed.

The H-F Skating School is designed for skaters of all ages and abilities. Whether you’ve skated before or are stepping on the ice for the first time, you will find that our classes introduce skills progressively, so that you master them at your pace.

For the recreational skater, we offer a variety of classes that teach all aspects of figure skating and hockey in a setting that emphasizes fun and recreation. For the more competitive figure skater, our classes may be supplemented with private lessons from one of our many staff instructors.  Hockey players are encouraged to join our youth hockey program in the fall, winter and spring, or one of our year-round adult leagues.

As with any skill, in skating practice is the key to success. Our public sessions and special events are great opportunities to practice skating skills and spend quality family time together.


Learn to Skate
Ages 3-5

Saturdays, 11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Learn to Skate
Ages 6-12 (Pre-Alpha)

Saturdays, 11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Ages 3-5 A 45-minute class consists of 30 minutes of instruction and games, followed by 15 minutes of playtime.
Ages 6-12 This class is for skaters that have never skated before or have not had formal instruction. A 45-minute class will introduce the basics of skating through instruction and games.
Ages 13-Adult It’s never too late to skate! Ice skating burns more than 350 calories per hour. It is a great way to stay in shape and have fun with your family!
Pre-Alpha Instructor Recommendation Required
HomeSchool Skating Club Class introduces skating sports for fun, exercise, and recreation. Exclusively for home-schooled kids ages 6 – 12.
Special Olympics Back by popular demand! H-F Ice Arena is pleased to offer ice skating classes for individuals with special needs. One-on-one attention, music and games will create a fun environment where every skater can achieve success. Offered with assistance from SSSRA.
Alpha 1 Pre-Requisite: Pre-Alpha Test
Alpha 2 Pre-Requisite: Alpha 1 Test
Beta Pre-Requisite for Beta: Alpha 2 Test
Gamma / Delta Pre-Requisite for Gamma: Beta Test
Pre-Requisite for Delta: Gamma Test
Teen/Adult Intermediate Pre-Requisite: Skating at the Beta-Delta Level
Creative Choreography Pre-Requisite: Beta Test. Creative Choreography is a fun class that will get your skater moving and grooving as we skate to all types of music. This program includes choreography, music interpretation, arm movements and transitional elements. Fee: $30/person
Better Basics Pre-Requisite: Beta Test. This class is a must for any skater who is interested in competing or developing strong skating fundamentals. Class will focus on improving skaters’ extension, posture and edge quality. Fee: $30/person
Freestyle 1
Freestyle 2 Compulsory
Pre-Requisite for Freestyle 1: Delta Test
Pre-Requisite for Freestyle 2: Freestyle 1 Test
Fee: $65/Resident, $70/NR
Freestyle Program Pre-Requisite: Freestyle 1 or 2 Test
Prepare to take your Freestyle test in a group-lesson format.
Fee: $50/person
Teen/Adult Advanced Pre-Requisite: Skating at the Freestyle level
Fee: $65/Resident, $70/NR
Freestyle 3-10 Pre-Requisite: Instructor Recommendation
Fee: $65/Resident, $70/NR
High Power
Pre-Requisite: Freestyle 4 Test. Advanced drills and exercises are offered in this class to improve your speed, stamina and strength. Fee: $50/person
Power, Moves & Dance
Pre-Requisite: Delta Test. Develop your stamina and power! Class will introduce you to Moves in the Field and Ice Dancing. Fee: $65/Resident, $70/NR
Off-Ice Fitness
This class will help skaters build their endurance and increase flexibility through a variety of off-ice exercises, including Yoga, Pilates, Plyometrics and Aerobics. Fee: $25/person (Icettes save $12.50!)

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